I knew Kerrie has a big life story but to be honest the details of her youth addictions and adversity blew me away. As everyone who survived and grew through pain and suffering Kerrie wouldn't change her life, why? She gets to work with youth educating them about prevention and connecting parents back to their kids, on the top of that her project Stories of Hope is growing rapidly. Kerrie changes lives every day by connecting people to their consciousness and holds safe space where her guests feel comfortable to share their stories of hope without being judged. We all know how comforting and powerful is to be around someone who understands our pain. This interview has so many layers and we've covered a lot. From Kerrie's childhood , addictions, rape, abusive relationship, anxiety to compassion and healing the shame and guilt. I have massive respect for people who are not afraid to open up and be vulnerable for others to learn from their journey, Kerrie it's been such a privilege to have you on the show and listening to your story of hope. You rock! 

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