I knew Kerrie has a big life story but to be honest the details of her youth addictions and adversity blew me away. As everyone who survived and grew ...View Details

Have you ever wondered what becomes of the broken hearted? I'm in absolute awe of my fabulous guest Ingrid Nichols who playfully shares one of the m...View Details

To celebrate PBD awareness week we've recorded this slightly interrupted interview with Natalie from Canberra who has experienced the taste of PBD whe...View Details

I had the honour to chat to amazing Brooke Saxby about her journey back to health which grew from one red face on January 1st after 6 am gym session i...View Details

I've connected with amazing Bea Tomlin to chat about having it all and what happens when life throws you a very big curveball. We follow Bea's journ...View Details

In this interview with Marilyn Vaccaro we explore all possible angles you always wanted to know about Sprits, Ghosts and Entities as well as the famou...View Details

I've caught up with bubbly Claire Halliday, a writer and storytelling lover based in Melbourne. Clair has just released her fifth book Things my fathe...View Details

Hi Guys, here is another raw and inspiring interview with Melbourne based Kinesiologist, Relationship coach and amazing humamn being Stewart Robertson...View Details

I had the honour to have the amazing Patricia Newton on the show talking about her experiences from nursing days looking after dying people, educating...View Details

I had the honour to chat to Dave Thompson, my publisher and one of the best coaches in Australia.In this interview you will learn how you too can writ...View Details

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