I had the honour to chat to amazing Brooke Saxby about her journey back to health which grew from one red face on January 1st after 6 am gym session into 365 red faces project to keep herself accountable for rest of the year. Brook not inly just lost 50 kg but created Red Face community for people to come and join in for exercise on a weekly basis. This got attention of a local council, magazines, national TV and Brooke hasn't stopped since to inspire, educate and support those who need the extra push and love most - the heavily overweight people who are considering surgery and need that extra help. Red Faces are for everyone who wants to challenge themselves and adopt a healthy mindset for life, at any age or any size you can get your red face on! As for Brooke she keeps going with hers every day, but not to make this about weight loss, Brooke inspires people to be their best, accountable and live smart. I hope you'll enjoy this rocking guest!



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