I had the honour to chat to Dave Thompson, my publisher and one of the best coaches in Australia.
In this interview you will learn how you too can write a book in paradise in just one week in incredibly nurturing and uplifting environment Dave and his team create. Dave reveals the entire process how to get self published so if you have a book in you he's the man to talk to! What I love most is the fact how everything gets taken care of and it really is a fun special occasion to celebrate, not to mentioned that you'll become part of the Inspirational Book Writers family and make friends with some amazing people around the world. Sound good? You don't have to wait until you are grey and old and 'wise' and get your unique message out now. Are you ready to make an impact and enter the coaching jungle? Dive in and listen to Dave's personal experience of transitioning from distinguished law job to funding his own coaching business and creating laptop life of freedom and international travel.

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