Kelly Quinn talks about her self-discovery journey which took her on a great adventure all around the World - from sunny UK to Asia and later amazing Australia running very successful business to a point of total exhaustion. From the outside Kelly was a definition of success; high end business, social status, partner, baby and running on adrenaline… Until she travelled with her little son to laid back nurturing Bali and was forced to embrace the slow and simple life. After years of performing and being busy Kelly had to confront her suppressed rage carried throughout her whole life and discover path of bliss and self-compassion for the first time in her life. I loved chatting about her business and motherhood experience and the transition into more gentle and loving way of life. Her success definition has shifted profoundly and it’s such a beautiful message to hear for anyone who is looking for more grounded way of life. Kelly currently lives back in UK and is Self Compassion  Teacher & Nutty Professor Host of he online video series bigloveShareFest.

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