Have you ever wondered what becomes of the broken hearted? I'm in absolute awe of my fabulous guest Ingrid Nichols who playfully shares one of the most brutal life stories I've ever heard, and I've herd a lot! Surely most people experience rough patch here and there but I believe that the chosen ones are here to make the world a better place through lived experiences and help others in their suffering to make sense of it all. In this interview we are talking; ongoing adversity, sexuality, marriage, relationships, business and the layers that connect it together. Ingrid shares her experience with repeated armed robbery in her shop years ago and the lingering impact it had on her world. I've never herd anyone describe the feelings around suicide so well and the way Ingrid talks about mother being the turning point just had me in tears. You can hear rest of the story on the recording below because there is more to it. I can tell you there is a beautiful happy end and Ingrid is involved with a charity that helps terminally ill people to get married and have their happy ever after in the Wedding day, I promise you that you'll need a box of tissues for this rocking interview. Ingrid's big message is that there is always hope and don't be afraid to reach out, you don't have to be alone. She offers for people to contact her if they need someone to talk to or have a coffee with because every day should be R U OK day. Thank you Ingrid for being such a gift to humanity you rock!




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