Prosper  Taruvinga talks about his early life in Zimbabwe and the defying moments that led him to make the move to Melbourne, Australia. He shares his migrant experiences, becoming a full time social media marketing person for the hospitality business  he was working for at that time before the FB and Instagram frenzy and meeting his wife at Christmas party. He is also the best dressed man on the internet! Forging a new life and legacy for his family this man is unstoppable. I love the refreshing honesty Prosper talks about the brutality of life, seeing things for what they are and always moving forward. His vibrant Livelong Digital marketing firm offers competitive SEO services across Australia and the agency helps small businesses improve their websites’ Google rankings for a stronger online presence. Something everyone needs help with and in this age of social media and technology online visibility is a must for any business. Getting a steady flow of leads and new customers is the lifeblood of every Small Business but the problem is that most people have no idea how to do it, beyond relying on the ones that trickle through from word of mouth…so tune in and get inspired to unleash your full brilliance to the World.

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