Would you love more energy, more vitality… and more happiness? And… are you frustrated in your efforts to lose weight? Hayden Keys and his partner are doing fabulous work permanently transforming their client's health and mindsets. I'm so grateful for this wonderful thought provoking conversation packed with everything I'm absolutely passionate about; gut health, plant based diet, hormonal imbalance and the sneaky impact of years of stress, patterns, self sabotage and the subconscious mind. This is so far the longest interview I've ever done and I had to literally strop myself from keeping the lovely and generous Hayden on the line. If you are into health and are passionate about creating best possible body for life you are in for treat! Hayden demystifies fructose and talks about balanced diet, cleansing and dangers of diets and hipster detoxes. Of course we have covered raising children and healthy food for families, my favourite topic. Simply this interview is for everyone, so make yourself big pot of tea and dive in with us rather then watching commercial TV! You'll leave nourished and inspired for life. 

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