I've chat to Angela McMillan from Adelaide yesterday about her beloved dancing and becoming a Feldenkrais, Self awareness and Online marketing coach. Brace yourselves! This rocking interview covers Angela's professional dancing career and how she found the incredible Feldenkrais method through her breakdancing at party, as you do... I've always been fascinated with the alchemy of therapeutic movement and 100% believe in brain plasticity through creating new patterns in body first. What I did not know was that Angela can work her magic pain free with faster more effective results with pretty much anyone! The secret is slow aware movement in synergy with the whole body, she's planning online series soon so check her page! Angela has been deeply involved with teaching remote Aboriginal communities dance as a part of motivating teenage children to attend school and swimming pool- pretty fantastic concept and supporting the healthy self-esteem and development. We've discussed the sad state of youth mental health, addictions and suicides when there is literally no hope for future, Angela's current and future projects to celebrate the beautiful Australian culture we have here. We have creative friends like Urthboy in common doing their bit for community teaching Aboriginal kids Hip Hop and self-awareness through creativity, a beautiful powerful thing. Angela dreams of getting high quality dance into all school in Australia and keep supporting the Indigenous communities.

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