Extraordinary Anker Bak, Danish designer all the way from amazing Copenhagen talks about storytelling through his beautifully crafted furniture and other creations. Anker is a true creative spirit and kindly shares what drives him in his working and personal life, in our chat he offers a window of opportunity to see what life of designer looks like! His gorgeous Nest Rocking Chair is  produced by Carl Hansen & Son in canvas and leather version and is a love at first sight, you’ll absolutely love the story behind it! Anker talks about the importance of allowing the inspiration unfold and time spent in nature; relaxing, actively being part of it and exploring. The importance of story behind his products is such a beautiful concept - for any creation,  and just breathes a life in it. Anker's passion for his craft as he calls it and the incredible relationship to his creations is deeply moving, I felt so inspired by it!  I love the vulnerability and real grounded honesty Anker approaches life with and looks for beautiful inspiring moments every day, he lives beautifully in the flow and describes his life as an interconnected existence - very refreshing approach to simple life in it's real loving sense, a beautiful mindset and very unique perspective. Free mind. People around the World are spending fortune on training their mindset for years to genuinely feel and think like this - to have beautiful open creative mind.  We've also covered the topic of cheap replicas and the negative impact it has on designers, the toxicity and cheap materials not having more than a few years longevity versus life long investment for generations to inherit and cherish original piece. I loved talking about cool styles and other European design, IKEA and traveling for more inspiration in his cute yellow van. So jump in and get transported to magical Spring Denmark. Enjoy Petra xx

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