Richard is a champion! I've herd about him on the way to Melbourne airport travelling from my event just casually talking about what I do, and why I do it ...and my awesome Dutch taxi driver told me the story. Richard is a school captain and surprised his teachers and friends with the announcement that he's gay publicly at school assembly! Since then he's been giving talks around other schools to spread awareness and media loves him. In this interview we've focused a lot on helping family and friends understand the importance of personal and sexual identity in developing teenage years, social stigmas, and the importance of being yourself. Interestingly his school facilitates service that includes gay and translates Bible teachings, how wonderful! Oh we've covered everything! Children, hypersexualization and the pressure of media, movie and music industry on young people, especially girls and the importance of having respectful relationships! I love his passion to bring awareness and humanity to make the world a better, more loving place and inspiring others to be themselves.

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